President's Column


I hope this finds you, your family, and loved ones doing well and
persevering during these difficult times.

When I wrote the Spring newsletter last January, none of us had any idea
what a roller coaster ride 2020 was going to be. Decisions and adjustments
were made to our daily lives and also that of our Fraternity; these seemed
more like something from the realm of science fiction than reality.

With that being said; we are still here, still functioning, and planning to
operate in as normal a manner as is reasonable and practical. The Officers
of the Association fully understand that each Brother must consider his own
personal situation regarding his well being as it relates to participation.

As we know things change with various rules and restrictions, and we will
make necessary adjustments regarding our events as we encounter them.

We intend to have a Founders Day Dinner & Memorial Service as usual.
Should there be restrictions on in-person dining come March; the Memorial
Service will still be held without serving a meal. We’ll keep you updated.

Stay safe, be cautious, and hang in there.

And as always, if you don’t feel like coming alone to a meeting or a
function, call a Brother and bring him with you.

Charles T. Hillberry, Jr.

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