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Founder’s Colors, Our Colors, “Red and Black”

Founder’s Day Dinner

Greetings Brother’s, on the evening of the 11th., 22 TBI Alumni Members attended our annual Founder’s Day Dinner. Fellowship and good times continued throughout the evening. Special thanks to all who volunteered, spoke, and presented the evening’s program for our membership! Plan on attending next year if you are close to Fairmont during the March … Continue reading Founder’s Day Dinner

Congratulations to our new Silver Haired TBI’s for 70 years or more of loyal membership to our organization and support of our school.

Charles Buchanan – Fall 1950, Charles “Tim” Arbogast – Spring 1950, Dale Beatty – Spring 1950, Jack Carter – Spring 1950, Lawrence “Clem” Dawson – Spring 1950, Hartsell Dodrill – Spring 1950, Ned Merrifield, Jr., Spring 1950, Edward Stebbins – Spring 1950


Just a short reminder for our TBI Brother’s around the world that our annual Founder’s Day Dinner is on March 11th., 2020. Registration information can be found by clicking on the link posted on our Home Page, or by clicking on the main Founder’s Day link found in the menu.

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