Site Use Information

1. Signing up for Announcements and Posts
– Scroll down to the “Follow Us” section on the Home Page or any page footer.
– Enter your email address.
– Click subscribe.
– You will now receive announcement and post notifications in your email.
– All announcements and posts on the site are public.
2. Rules for Announcements and Posts
– Please keep comments professional.
3. Password Protected Pages (For Members Only)
– Minutes Archive page is password protected.
– TBIAN Archive page is password protected.
– Famous TBI’s page is temporarily password protected until the final edit.
– You will require a unique password for access to protected pages.
– Questions about your password should be directed to an alumni officer.
– Passwords will not be sent by email.
4. Revocation of Privileges
– We reserve the right to block, remove, or suspend user privileges.
– We reserve the right to remove posts, photographs, videos, and audio files.