Scholarship Information

– Scholarship Application Links

1. Click here to access the TBI Alumni Association Scholarship Application.
2. Click here to access the TBI Turley-Wallman Scholarship Application.

– History and Background

Tau Beta Iota Fraternity and TBI Alumni Association function primarily as social organizations. Our Fraternity’s affiliation with Fairmont State University since 1926; and with Pierpont Community and Technical College since 2011 promotes the primary goal of our individual members, that is to further their education.  With this objective in mind, multiple scholarships have been established by TBI Alumni Association; individual alumni of the fraternity; and by other persons in honor of or as a memorial to various Brothers of our fraternity. While criteria of these scholarships may vary, the intention of each is to assist individuals in achieving their educational goals.

TBI Alumni Association administers two scholarships; one is an independent cash award for members of the Active Chapter of Tau Beta Iota Fraternity. The other is endowed thru the Fairmont State Foundation, this second scholarship is available to members of TBI and their immediate families. Read more about scholarship opportunities below.

– TBI Alumni Association Scholarship

– Application Deadline February 1st.

This scholarship was established in 1996 by the TBI Alumni Association with the intent that a scholarship be available directly to Active Chapter members of TBI Fraternity. It was created for the purpose of recognizing deserving Brother TBI’s for;  academic performance, personal & professional goals, and dedication to the values of Tau Beta Iota Fraternity.  This cash award is presented to assist by offsetting direct financial burdens incurred during college life such as living expenses.

TBI Alumni Association’s Scholarship shall be awarded as a individual cash award of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) each.  If funding is available multiple cash awards may be awarded annually. From time to time others wish to support our students. In the past we have received additional funding through individual donations in the name of a family member. Awards earned are generated directly from TBI Alumni Association’s budget.  TBI Alumni Association membership is composed exclusively of former members of Tau Beta Iota Fraternity.

Note. This scholarship is in suspense until further notice.

Note. We are not accepting applications at this time.

– TBI Turley – Wallman Scholarship

– Application Deadline June 1st.

Established in 2001 by a group of Alumni from Tau Beta Iota Fraternity with the intent that a perpetual scholarship be available to Brothers, and their sons. This inspiration made the TBI Turley – Wallman Scholarship a reality. Also, it was created to recognize the service and commitment of George H. Turley and Lawrence A. Wallman, Sr. to TBI Fraternity and the institutions of higher learning we now know as Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community & Technical College.

TBI Turley – Wallman Scholarship is a fully endowed scholarship, with funds maintained by the Fairmont State Foundation.  This scholarship was funded by individual contributions freely given by numerous Brothers of Tau Beta Iota Fraternity.

Note to Family Members of TBI Alumni. In 2010, the TBI – Turley Wallman Scholarship was amended to expand eligibility to family members of TBI’s.

– Scholarships in Honor of TBI Alumni

There are multiple scholarships at Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community & Technical College named after Brothers of TBI Fraternity. While TBI Fraternity and TBI Alumni Association have no involvement in administration or awarding of the following scholarships, it is in the opinion of our organization that we should make the public aware of scholarships which are named after members of TBI. The following is a list of nine scholarships available at Fairmont State University and / or Pierpont Community & Technical College that are named after members of Tau Beta Iota Fraternity. 

1. John J. Belota Memorial Scholarship
– Athletic Scholarship
– Men’s basketball player who meets all NCAA requirements.
– Preference to Marion County, WV students, may be offered to others.
2. Grace O. and Kenneth (Mike) Birmingham Football Scholarship
– Athletic Scholarship
– Football Players
– Awarded by FSU Athletic Director
– Must meet all NCAA, MEC and FSU eligibility requirements.
3. The Walter F. Phillips, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
– Science and Technology Scholarship
– Engineering Major, 3.0 GPA
– Completed one Academic Year at FSU
– Marion County High School Graduate
– Complete a Scholarship Application and submit Official Transcript.
– Student must write an essay.
4. Frank and Florence Sansalone Scholarship
– Business Scholarship
– Business Major, 3.0 GPA, Renewable
– Preference may be given to students of Italian American heritage as long as the award is administered per the policies and procedures of the Foundation and the Financial Aid Office.
– Students may be required to submit a paper to the Foundation describing the influence of their heritage and culture in their life.
5. Louis Schoolnic Endowed Scholarship
– Business Scholarship
– Junior Status, West Virginia resident, Business Major, 3.0 GPA
– Full- time student
– Must not be receiving any other scholarship or aid from the Foundation.
6. Harold and Roselyn Williamson Straight Award
– Faculty Development Community
– Honors Outstanding, Innovative, Distinctive Teaching 2 or 4 Year Progs.
7. J. Lyle Tatterson Charitable Trust
– Financial Aid Scholarship
– West Virginia Resident
– Graduate of West Virginia High School
– Two- or Four-Year Program
– Sound Character
– Financial Need
– GPA of 2.5
– Renewable with 2.0 GPA after the first year then a 2.2 GPA thereafter.
8. TBI Turley-Wallman Endowed Scholarship
– Financial Aid Scholarship
– Selected and Awarded by TBI Alumni Association
– TBI Fraternity Member or Immediate Family, 3.0 GPA, Full-time Student
9. Julius “Julie” Viglianco Memorial Athletic Endowed Scholarship
– Athletic Scholarship
– Men’s Basketball Team
– NCAA Eligibility
Updated 1/7/2020

– Financial Aid Contacts

Please contact these institutions directly by using the following mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and internet links for more information on eligibility and applying for these and other Scholarships.

1. Fairmont State University Financial Aid Information

- Office of Financial Aid Mailing Address

Fairmont State University
Attn. Office of Financial Aid
Turley Student Services Center, Room 303
1201 Locust Avenue
Fairmont, WV 26554

- FSU Office of Financial Aid Telephone Number. 304-367-4141

- Click here for the FSU Office of Financial Aid Website.
2. Pierpont Community & Technical College financial aid Information

- Office of Financial Aid Mailing Address

Pierpont Community & Technical College
Attn. Office of Financial Aid
500 Galliher Drive
Fairmont, WV 26554

- PC&TC Office of Financial Aid Telephone Number. 304-367-4907

- Click here for the PC&TC Office of Financial Aid Website

– Foundation Contacts

Please contact Fairmont State Foundation Inc., or the Pierpont Foundation by calling their central number, or follow their internet links below for more information on giving or establishing a scholarship.

1. Centralized Telephone Number for both Foundations. 304-534-8786
2. Internet Links
– Click here to access Fairmont State Foundation Inc.
– Click here to access the Pierpont Foundation.

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