Remembrance "Red and Black"

Those Brothers who we have lost in 2020 and early in 2021 will be honored at our annual Founders Day Dinner to be held in March of 2021.

March 2020 – March 2021
BrotherAgePledgedDate of Death
Brother Gregory Todd Lamb51Fall 95July 17th, 2021
Brother Howard Silas “Juno” Charlton, Jr. 87Spring 53July 7th, 2021
Brother John Pasqual, Jr. 94Fall 55May 25th, 2021
Brother Charles Francis91Fall of 49May 14th, 2021
Brother Kenneth Goff Jones82Spring 58April 24th, 2021
Brother Russell George Neptune 69Spring 71December 20, 2020
Brother David Frank Martino 65Spring 74November 14th., 2020
Brother George Joseph Boyles, DDS92Fall 46November 11th., 2020
Brother Camillo Anthony Alberico, DDS99Fall 39October 26th., 2020
Brother Louis Fazio Jr.74Spring 65September 16., 2020
Brother Mark Allen Welty69Spring 70September 2nd., 2020
Brother Edward Allen Davis85Fall 58July 6th., 2020
Brother Albert Alan Cross72Spring 67June 10th., 2020
Brother Jack Edward McIntyre84Spring 54April 6th., 2020
Brother Thomas Burton Ford69Spring 70March 20th., 2020
Brother Andrew John Konick, Jr. 75Spring 60July 21st, 2016

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